2018 Liturgical Year

Diocese of Green Bay - Liturgical Year 2018

Selected Sundays, Feasts, and Holy Days

http://www.usccb.org/ (See calendar of Sunday and Daily Readings) - http://catholic-resources.org/Lectionary (detailed)



January 1 - Monday MARY, THE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD (Solemnity), (NOT Holy Day of Obligation)

February 14 - Wednesday, ASH WEDNESDAY (Day of Fast and Abstinence)

February 18 - Sunday, FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT (Diocesan Rite Election; 1 PM and 5 PM; St Francis Xavier Cathedral, GB; Snow date: 2nd Sunday of Lent/February 25) (Parishes celebrate Rite of Sending of Catechumens and Rite of Sending for Candidates attending Rite of Election prior to Rite of Election)


March 27 - Tuesday, DIOCESAN CHRISM MASS, (St. Francis Xavier Cathedral)

March 29 - Thursday, HOLY THURSDAY, MASS OF THE LORD'S SUPPER, (Parish Presentation of the Sacred Oils)

March 30 - Friday, GOOD FRIDAY OF THE LORD'S PASSION, (Day of Feast and Abstinence)

March 31 - Saturday, HOLY SATURDAY, EASTER VIGIL (Vigil Earliest Start Time; 8:15 PM (CT))


May 13 - Sunday, THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD (GB) (Celebrated on the 7th Sunday of Easter)

May 19 - Saturday, Spring Diocesan Confirmation I; Cathedral, 6 PM

May 20 - Sunday, SOLEMNITY OF PENTECOST,  Spring Diocesan Confirmation II; Cathedral, 12:00 PM

May 27- Sunday, THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, (Solemnity)

June 3 - Sunday, THE MOST HOLY BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST (Solemnity) (Sunday after the Most Holy Trinity [USA])

August 15 - Wednesday, THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, (Solemnity), Holy Day of Obligation

October - Sunday, Fall Diocesan Confirmation: Time/Location TBA

November 1 - Thursday, ALL SAINTS DAY, Holy Day of Obligation

November 4 - Sunday, Daylight Savings Time Ends


December 2 - Sunday, FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT (Sunday Year B, Weekday Cycle IIhttp://catholic-resources.org/Lectionary/)

December 8 - Saturday, SOLEMNITY OF IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF MARY, Holy Day of Obligation

December 25 - Tuesday, SOLEMNITY OF THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD, Holy Day of Obligation




Policy for the Obligation for Mass

Celebration of the Holy Days for the United States of America

The Current Policy for the six Holy Days for the United States of America is as Follows:


Holy Days of Obligation only when they fall  on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday:

January 1 (Mary, The Mother of God)

August 15 (The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven)

November 1 (The Solemnity of All Saints)

Ascension Sunday (Chancery Bulletin #239-IV) In the Green Bay Diocese the Solemnity is always celebrated on the Seventh Sunday of Easter which is a day of obligation.

December 8 (The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary) Always a day of obligation because it is the national patronal feast day, however if December 8 falls on a Sunday, the Solemnity is transferred to Monday, December 9.  When this happens, the obligation to attend Mass does not transfer and it is not a day of obligation.

- December 25 (Christmas) Is always a day of obligation.


When Holy Days occur on Saturday or Monday, and are not days of obligation, parishes are encouraged to have at least one mass so that those who wish to attend Mass on feast day- May do so.

Note that in the Diocese of Green Bay, weddings and funerals are not to be scheduled on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation without a dispensation from the Diocesan Bishop. The liturgical law is meant to protect the nature of the Sunday celebration and also helps those who are already asked to celebrate several liturgies on those days. (Chancery Bulletin #231-IV)

Additionally, please consult the General Instruction of the Roman Missal #s 359, 372 and 380 for information about weddings and funerals on Sundays and Solemnities. If the dispensation is given to having a wedding or funeral on that day:

  • use the readings and prayer texts of the day
  • for weddings on Sundays in Ordinary Time, one of the readings for the day may be replaced with a reading from the wedding Mass
  • consider having a liturgy outside of Mass

Easter Vigil - (earliest) start times: March 31, 2018: 8:00 PM CT;  April 20, 2019 8:15 PM CT

Other Special Days of Prayer / Thanksgiving

January 18 - 22:  Week of Prayer Christian Unity

January 18-22:   Week of Prayer Christian Unity
January 22, Monday:   Day of Prayer for Legal Protection of Unborn Children
February 2, Friday:   World Day for Consecrated Life
February 11, Sunday:   World Day for the Sick
April 22, Sunday:   World Day for Vocations
May 1, Tuesday:   World Justice and Peace - Law Day
May 13, Sunday:   Mothers’ Day
May 28, Monday:   Memorial Day
June 17, Sunday:   Fathers’ Day
July 4, Tuesday:    Independence Day
September 1, Saturday:   World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
September 3, Monday:   Labor Day -- Human Rights and Equality, Blessing Human Labor
September 17, Sunday:   Catechetical Sunday
October 29, Sunday:   Priesthood Sunday
November 4-11:   National Vocation Awareness Week
November 11, Sunday:   Veterans’ Day
November 22, Thursday:   Thanksgiving Day - Harvest and Fruits of the Earth