Letter from Fr. Adam

Sunday, Aug. 19

As the summer ends and the new school year begins, we enter into a time of transition. This transition is from being busy with all that the summer has to offer, (sports schedules, vacations, relaxing, working, etc.) to another type of being busy involving everything that the school year has to offer (school, homework, running kids around to differing activities, more sports, etc.) One thing that happens to us when we go through periods of transition is we find we tend to be more stressed with the things of life, we also tend to put things that are important off to the side until we get over the learning curve of the transition.

What I have found throughout my relatively short life is that times of transition separate those who are serious about their faith from those who are less serious. This is because during times in our life when we transition, we find that we can either rely on ourselves or on God. If we rely on ourselves, we find that things are difficult, cumbersome, and we have to often times cut corners just to get through the transition. But if we rely on God, we find that even though our struggles and problems don’t go away necessarily, at least, we are not handling them alone. WE find that we have more peace and actually grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

It is always important to remember that whenever we are faced with stresses in life or difficult times of transition, we are also faced with a decision to choose whether or not to invite the Lord into our life. This choice is ours—the Lord desires us to come to Him, but He will not force it because He wants you to come to Him because you love Him and choose Him freely. So, as summer ends and the new school year begins, choose Jesus.

Fr. Adam