Chapel of Divine Mercy


(920) 733-0575

Through Perpetual Eucharist Adoration we respond to the Call of Jesus to “watch one hour” with Him. Each Holy Hour we make touches Christ’s Heart and releases a new outpouring of His Love upon the world. Just as the soft rays of the sun melt ice, so the sweet rays of grace of the Son of God melt the hearts of those who kneel before Him.



  • 3 a.m - 4 a.m.


  • 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Call Mary Beth Meehl at 920-427-4272 or Therese Bishop at 920-815-8510 to commit to giving an hour of your time each week to God . . . you will be Blessed!


During inclement weather, the consecrated host will be removed from the monstrance and placed in the Exposition Tabernacle--a special tabernacle featuring a door on the front that YOU are able to open or close. Scheduled adorers will be called as usual, but the Chapel will remain open because Jesus will be in the Exposition Tabernacle. YOU can decide if would like to come adore!

When Jesus is in the Exposition Tabernacle and you come to adore. If the door on the front of the tabernacle is closed, simply open it and spend your time with Jesus. If the scheduled adorer after you does not show up, close the door and feel free to leave the Chapel. Jesus is never to be left alone when exposed in a monstrance, but when housed in a closed tabernacle, it is liturgically correct.