Youth Ministry, A Calling For Everyone

Sunday, Nov. 28

Youth ministry is not a calling just for a few people in the Church who wish to directly serve our young people. It is the responsibility of our entire parish. Each and every single member of our parish is called to help form our young people. Some of our parishioners here at St. Pius X Catholic Church are directly involved with our young people through the gift of their time, talent, and treasure. I would like to say thank you for your support! We cannot offer our young people the opportunity to encounter Jesus and learn about their Catholic faith without your help. There is still more that can be done by everyone in our parish community. Youth ministry is for all to participate in. Here are some ways that everyone in the parish can help with when it comes to our young people.

Pray, Pray, Pray! Praying for our young people, especially our teens, is a great way to help them. They are facing many challenges that are familiar to us and some that we have never experienced before. Just think of all they can do and the courage they could have with the prayers of over 1,000 prayer warriors backing them. Also, pray for the people that are serving our young people directly, that they continue to be a positive witness to them of Christ’s love for them.

Be a model of Christian charity. Our young people see you and hear you. When you sit near them in Mass, or they see you greeting someone with joy at the parish or show the joy of Christ when you are serving alongside them at a parish event. These are opportunities for you to witness to our young people the reverence, joy, peace, and patience that can only come from living an authentically Christian life.

Be welcoming to everyone. It leaves an impression, whether it is greeting our young people directly or seeing someone else being welcomed. We are a family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and we are the Church. Our young people are not just the future of the Church; they are part of the Church. Help them know that they are welcome and that they belong here.

Support them. If you see some of our young people serving around the parish, let them know what they are doing matters. Let them hear the appreciation that there is for what they are doing. If you see some of our young people fundraising for a mission trip or other good cause, talk to them about it. You can help them by supporting them financially, or you can let them know that you are praying for them.

These are just a few ways that everyone can be involved in helping our young people to discover and know the love that Christ and the Church have for them. To encourage our young people to follow and worship Jesus and give them excellent examples of sharing Jesus with others.

Peace and Blessings,

Jennifer Buelow

Coordinator of Confirmation and Youth Ministry