Sunday, Jun. 7

June 7, 2020
The Most Holy Trinity

A well-choreographed dance can be truly inspirational. Each movement and step are interconnected, each contributing a piece of the unfolding artistic story. The beholder is caught up in the rhythms, music, and gestures, realizing that none are dispensable and all are necessary. The same is true of the Divine Dance of the Trinity. Each Person plays a part, using unique gestures and movements that are connected to the other Divine Partners. They tell a story of love. Every movement and step is born of love and flows on into eternity. The Divine Dance never ends.

God the Creator powerfully, yet with gentle love, leads. Creating and recreating, birthing and sustaining, He dances with the compassionate incarnate Son, guided by the breath of the Holy Spirit. They are three distinct Persons but move as One. On one hand, the cascading flow of their Presence appears motionless, yet on the other, flows and moves with effortless attention. They share one heart, one goal, and one purpose and invite all of creation to join in their dance, their joy.

The energy of the Trinity flows through all created things. It is a dance of the heart, not of the mind. It has to be experienced, not dissected, and contemplated, not understood. We stand in awe of the Divine Dance and find ourselves watching in amazement all that God creates and sustains. The dance continues in the majesty of a mountain, the power and wonder of an ocean, and the vastness of the universe. It moves in the cry of a newborn infant and in the soul of one who has been forgiven. It flows in the cry for justice and in the wounds of the oppressed. It circles through the changing of seasons, the cycles of birth and death, and the wisdom that one acquires when they love God.


The Dance never ends. Its movements and rhythms go on forever. The Trinitarian Dance sustains all things, endures all things, and brings hope. You are invited to dance. Don’t just watch as if you were simply a spectator. Join in the dance and move as they move.