Friday, Aug. 23


Learn about your faith and current events for FREE!!!

Do you prefer a Podcast, a book, a video, or a documentary to learn new things or to think about different ideas? The St. Pius X Community has FREE access to FORMED on Demand, —a website with access to all kinds of information to explain, ponder at deeper depths, and relearn some key point of our faith. Did I mention access to these books, podcasts, videos is FREE!?

There is something for everyone to watch, listen, study, or read! For example, you can watch a topic on Science and Faith, like ”Why Science Cannot Eliminate God” by Karlo Broussard, or a topic on a current issue in our society, like “How to Talk About Marriage & Same-Sex Unions” by Trent Horn. Also, you can read E-books, like, “boys to MEN—The Transfor- mation Power of Virtue” by Tim Grey and Curtis Martin, and several other books by authors like Peter Kreeft, Edward Sri, and Scott & Kimberly Hahn, to name a few. There is also a huge youth selection. ALL THIS on DEMAND ...When YOU want to watch, listen, study, or read!

How do you access FORMED on Demand? Go to Formed.org, on your computer, phone, or tablet. Click on the Enter Code button (red circle below) and type in 6ZTRGN. This will take you to another screen where you will be able to give your email address and develop a password so you can access this great information anytime! Once you have the login information, you can download the App on your phone or tablet.

Challenge yourself ... learn the “why” to many ideas that the Catholic Church believes. Do not just take society’s logic on what the Catholic Church believes, but rather find the deeper and beautiful answers to every belief the Catholic Church has and understand them. It is easy and FREE to access the information! Now it is up to you, to get the questions you have ... answered!


Have a blessed week!

Deacon Bob