Sunday, Apr. 21

Welcome to Easter Sunday — the highest celebration in the entire year for us as Christians — where we celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death. While this is a time to spend with family and friends celebrating with each other, one of the things that we must remember to do is to slow down, and reflect on what exactly this means to us.

Only a few days ago, we celebrated the death of Christ which brought life to us all. It is because Jesus died and was raised from the dead that you are able to go to heaven. This event was the single most important event in all of time and history. It goes to show that you are important to God. You, personally, are important to God.

We tend to trivialize the celebration of Easter with the thought that Jesus died and was raised for everyone, as if to say that means that I am less important because everyone else is involved. While it is true that Jesus died for all, it doesn’t stop the fact that this act was also personal. He did it for you. He loves you! He showed that He would do anything so that you could be with Him forever. All He asks in return is that you Love Him unconditionally. So, take time this Easter season and celebrate, but also carve out a few minutes of each day to thank God for the gift of salvation that He offers and desires you to receive. Have a Blessed Easter Season!

God Bless, Fr. Adam