Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2018!

The Confirmation experience, along with Baptism and the Eucharist, is part of coming into the Catholic Church. 

Confirmation completes a journey started by Baptism. As Catholics, we believe Jesus promised us the help of the Holy Spirit. By becoming Confirmed in the Catholic Church, we are given the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and can share our beautiful Faith experiences with the world.

The St. Pius X Confirmation Experience

At St. Pius X, Confirmation is offered to our 11th grade students. The process begins with an interview with the confirmation coordinator during the months of September through December. Candidates attend a day-long or overnight retreat in addition to classes. St. Pius X Confirmation classes begin at the beginning of each academic year and conclude in the spring. The Confirmation Mass is at St. Pius X during the spring and after Easter.


For more information about the Confirmation experience offered at St. Pius X, contact the Faith Formation Office:
Jennifer Buelow, Confirmation Coordinator and Youth Minister:
920-733-4919 X201
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  10 a.m. - 6 p.m. or by appointment

  "From this fact, Confirmation brings an increase and deepening of baptismal grace: 
it unites us more firmly to Christ."

~ The Catechism of the Catholic Church