(CRHP) Christ Renews His Parish

What is CRHP?

What is CRHP?

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is an experience and a process designed to enable an individual to move from an experience of “church” to an experience of “being church for others.”

CRHP was developed in 1969 and has been implemented in over 500 parishes in 21 states. CRHP is centered around parish renewal weekends and stresses a clear focus on the Gospel. It allows parish renewal in furthering conversion and community; ministry and prayer; healing and holiness; spiritual growth and gospel service. CRHP emphasizes continued growth in Christian life during our daily contacts with others and offers an excellent opportunity to meet other parishioners.


The Renewal Weekend enables you to hear and discuss how Catholics function in our modern, complex, fast-paced society. The CRHP team provides an atmosphere for individual spiritual growth through prayer and personal reflection.

You can share conversation and thoughts (as much or as little as you desire) with others who also encounter the many demands of everyday life presented by family, jobs, and society. Mass will be celebrated during the weekend, and the opportunity for reconciliation will be provided.


A team made up of our parish priest and people who have attended previously conduct the Renewal Weekend. Casual and comfortable clothing is appropriate for the weekend.

A donation of $25 to cover costs is appreciated.

The Renewal Weekend is an opportunity to say “Yes” to a clearer and deeper relationship with God.


The weekend begins with morning Mass on Saturday and ends at approximately 3:00 Sunday afternoon. The Renewal Weekend is held at St. Pius X in the New Fellowship Hall and cafeteria. Meals and beds will be provided.

(The mattresses used are exclusively for CRHP weekends.)

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• Complete the form below or located on the back of the invitation. Return or email the form to the Parish Office: secretary@stpiusxappleton.com
• Before submitting the form, make a copy of the information.
• Registration deadline is one week prior to the start of the Renewal Weekend.
• You have the option of staying overnight. Check the appropriate box on the registration form to indicate your preference.
• If you require special accommodations for physical, dietary, or other needs, please provide details in the space provided on the form.