Deal or No Deal

Deacon Robert Seymour

I was watching Deal or No-Deal. The contestant was very poor and there were 8 chances out of 26 chances to win $1,000,000. She “believed” that the case marked number 17 was a 1-million-dollar case. Her belief was on pure chance. It was stressful for her (and for everyone watching) as she debated whether or not to go further and further on, choosing cases that she had no idea what was inside but just hoping that they were good.

Our Gospel today talks about a belief with evidence…not on a belief in chance. Jesus walked on earth and performed many miracles to give us evidence that he is God, which some believed, and some did not believe. The biggest miracle was to rise from the dead, to conquer death and to SAVE US.....if we believe. There are all kinds of historical evidence (from Christian and non-Christian sources) that attest to Jesus’ resurrection. The Gospel today gives us insight about the apostles believing because they witnessed Jesus appearing to them and could see his wounds from the crucifixion. The Apostles proclaimed what they experienced to another Apostle that was not present for the first appearance after Jesus rose from the dead in his Glorified Body. Thomas doubted!... Do you doubt? What evidence do you need?

Besides the evidence in the Bible and historical evidence outside our Church, the martyrs and Saints give us huge evidence. One saint was St. Faustina, who had several visions of Jesus and wrote down the visions. Jesus was communicating to St. Faustina (and us) that Jesus is full of Mercy.... if we want to believe and trust in him. We can have all the evidence in the world and still no belief.... we need to TRUST! But what does it mean to trust?

Do you focus on your past mistakes? OR on the Mercy of God? Divine Mercy Sunday is to help us to realize that Jesus has more mercy for our souls than we can imagine. This Sunday, come to Jesus.... Trust him! Do not focus on your mistakes but take any mistake you made and ask for forgiveness. Jesus will forgive… if we take the first step to ask Him.

Jesus, I trust in You!

Deacon Bob