Faith Formation

Contact the Faith Formation Office at: 920-733-4919
Contact Adult Faith Formation at the Parish Office at: 920-733-0575

The St. Pius X Faith Formation Team houses the crucial programs serving those who are learning about Catholicism. From the time children start paying attention to the Catholic traditions during Mass, they are curious about their Faith and want to learn more, but as Parishioners grow with the church the need to experience next-level Faith enrichment continues. The St. Pius X Faith Formation team dedicates its time and uses its talents to introduce these phases at the right time while nurturing Catholics during each step of their Faith Formation. Click the following links for more information:

Beginning Faith Formation

Middle School and High School Faith Formation

Young Adult Ministry

Adult Faith Formation


Do you love your Faith? Do you love to discuss your Faith with others? Do you feel passionate about continuing the work of Jesus Christ? Then you might want to take the opportunity to become a young disciple. 

Teach a select group of students in grades 1st through 10th, on Wednesday evenings from September through May. Lesson Plans and In-Services sessions are provided. Class sizes usually range from 6 to 12 students in each grade level.

For more information, contact the St. Pius X Faith Formation department at 920-733-4919.