Parish Council Teams

Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Finance Council, Building & Grounds

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is one of two advisory councils to the pastor that the Bishop of Green Bay has mandated all parishes have in place. It’s role, along with the Parish Finance Council, is to assist, advise, and support the pastor in the formulation of goals and a vision for the future spiritual growth of the parish community. The council helps the pastor to most effectively minister to the needs of the people of God.

Did you know that our own, the late Bishop Aloysius Wyscislo, as a pastor in the archdiocese of Chicago was one of the first priests to implement a parish council at his parish before the idea of a parish council became widespread. He saw the council as an excellent way for people to share their talents, vision, and ideas for the parish as well as a wonderful resource and help to the pastor when faced with various pastoral issues.

It is the function of the Parish Council to initiate the formation of committees, such as worship, stewardship, social concerns, education, etc. All standing parish committees and groups operate with the blessing of the pastor and the parish council or finance council. No committee stands alone, and all work in close collaboration with the pastor and council to help the promotion of the goals and vision of the parish as set by the pastor in consultation with the parish council. A three year commitment is asked of a member and attendance at the monthly meetings.

In many ways, Parish Council members act as the eyes, ears, and voice of the parish and all council members are willing to meet with any parish member to listen to their concerns, questions, or comments. Parish members are welcomed to attend and offer input at parish council meetings held on the fourth Tuesday of the month (August through May), at 7:00 p.m.

The Parish Finance Council is one of two advisory councils to the pastor that the universal law of the Church, Canon Law, requires each parish have in place. Its primary purpose is to aid the pastor in the administration of the parish goods, ie., finances, building and grounds, and insure that members of the parish receive an understandable annual financial report. Most members of the finance council are appointed by the pastor, and one member may be a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

The finance council is responsible for soliciting funds, managing the parish budget and facilities, thus enabling the parish to carry out its mission. The Finance Council works closely and in collaboration with the parish pastoral council. Decisions of the Finance Council are made by consensus, as are the decisions of the Parish Pastoral Council. The Finance council is also responsible for initiating some parish committees, such as building and grounds and other committees that are related to finances.

The Building and Grounds Team is a subcommittee of the Finance Council. It’s purpose is to assist the parish and school staff on capital projects. They provide budgets fro capital projects to the Finance Council and insure that our building and property are being maintained properly. Attendance at a monthly meeting is required.

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