I THirST Garden

Sometimes, we all just need a little more quiet time to think and pray! How about spending some of it in the I Thirst Garden?

NEW!  Or, if you need a bit of exercise ... Every Wednesday morning 10-11:30 a.m. Come when you can for a bit of weeding in the I Thirst Garden with distancing friends.  Bring gloves, knee pad, snippers, hoe or dandelion digger.

If you are able to take on a week of garden watering/weeding please call Therese Borree at: 920 850-5698. 

Named after the crucifixion of Jesus and His thirsting, not for water, but for us to be more connected to Him and continue His work.

Whether you like to "work the plant sale," welcome the garden in Spring, water and get your hands dirty planting, weeding, and deadheading in Summer, or put the plants to bed and add more bulbs in the Fall, you may want to consider joining the St. Pius X I THirST Garden Team.

In the Fall, we show our gratitude by creating a beautiful harvest display.  In the chilly air of the Christmas season, we work together to put welcoming, sparkling ornaments in the crabapple trees. There are many things that all are welcome to enjoy. We are also a great ministry for family fun and service hours. 

The I THirST Garden also has the added component of an herb garden for everybody to snip what they need. If you want to learn more about gardening, many of our members have an extensive garden knowledge that they happily share. If you come with limited to no knowledge of gardening you will be paired with someone who can encourage you.

Last year, John Petit helped us put in a hosta garden around the St. Pius X lit sign. A stone path was added to allow guests to peruse the many labeled varieties. 

Take a moment to view the Angel of Intercessiongranite statue donated by the Meehl family. The benches there, and near the Ten Commandments monument, are inviting you to rest, contemplate and chat with others.   

This is just some of our ministry. Stop by and say, 'hello' or contact us if you are interested in helping us promote a welcoming feeling to everyone going in or out of Adoration or church. To learn more about how to serve, contact Mary Wirth at: 920-733-0575.

The Many Seasons of the beautiful St. Pius X I THirST Garden. Thank You for Serving!