Widows of Prayer

Association of the Faithful - Widows of Prayer

We are widows who have answered the Call of God to dedicate our lives in prayer for priests and other Church leaders. We are called an Association of the Faithful and are under the guidance of the Bishop.

When a widow becomes a candidate and follows the prayer regiment of the Widows of Prayer for one year, she is eligible to receive the insignia of the Widows of Prayer -- which is a gold heart with a chalice and host with rays emanating from it. At the top is a bar with a dove inscribed, depicting the Holy Spirit. She may repeat promises a second year, and when the third year approaches, she is invited to make final promises. Being a Widow of Prayer is a wonderful way of finding new purpose in life. As God takes us by the hand, we are led ever closer to Him. The Widows of Prayer is like a budding flower, with satellite communities branching out in other dioceses and states. 

A Note for All Widows:

Do you sometimes feel as though you should be doing more for your spiritual life but are in a rut? There exists a unique Catholic Community of Widowed Women based out of Appleton; approved by the bishops in every diocese they are located. Their purpose is to engage their Prayer power for a special purpose, to pray for our priests and for those studying for the priesthood. As widows we can manage this apostolate easily by remaining in our own homes, carrying out our family obligations as mothers and grandmothers, yet expanding our prayer life within a group of like-minded women.

For more information call the Parish Office at 920-733-0575.