Support During Childbearing

Like Mary and Elizabeth,

we visit and share the sacredness of life…

We have a gift for you!  St. Pius wants to ensure that you are aware of our support for you during the childbearing joys and sorrows.  Elizabeth Ministry volunteers are women who have “been there,” and are willing to be a prayer support and a listening presence for you.  Our “Gift & Resource” Kits are specifically designed for your situation.  You are welcome to refer yourself or to refer a friend or family member. 

All referrals are kept confidential.



Celebrating Pregnancy!

And supporting those with pregnancy difficulties such as being placed on bedrest or receiving word of a distressing parental test result… 

Celebrating Births & Adoptions!

And supporting those adjusting to motherhood, struggling with postpartum depression, adjusting to new and shortened sleep cycles, and all the challenges of new motherhood.

Infertility and Adoption Support

Assisting those longing to become mothers, those struggling with infertility,
also those waiting
and hoping to adopt.

Experiencing A Miscarriage

We have resources for women who have been told their unborn baby has died and they will experience a miscarriage. We can help you through this difficult process. Miscarriage Delivery Aids are provided free by the parish and are available in the Narthex. Burial Vessels are available through our volunteers. Please see the brochures at the Elizabeth Ministry display in the North Narthex for more information. We have volunteers who have been through similar situations before and are willing to be there for you to pray, to listen or to simply provide you with resources you can read and use on your own.

Mourning the Loss of a Child

If you have lost a child through miscarriage, SIDS or infant death, we are here to help you through the grieving process. You will be matched with a woman of the parish who has suffered a loss similar to yours. We are here to offer prayer support and to provide a listening presence. We also have resources unique to your situation. You are welcome to accept the resources without any obligation to spend time in conversation. We are here for whatever your needs are.

If you would like us to pray for you or to receive a “Gift and Resource” kit from one of our volunteers who has been in a situation similar to yours, e-mail us for more information at: